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My Great Grand Father by George Thomas Saviel

George Thomas Saviel
Was born in British India in 1827 his date & place of birth is unknown to us.
At the age of 14 he stared work as a clerk for Lord William Bentinct steamer company in India in 1841 .
He work for 7 years and went to work for Nubbada steamer company as a clerk in 1847.
He married Sophia Mary Morley she was 15 years old at Calcutta,India in 1853.
Her father was William Morley a superintenant of a suger plantation in India.
At this time my greatgrandfather was working as a writer in Calcutta.He had a son name George who was born in 1853 India.He later went to England and return to married Louise Hay widower age 32 in 1904 at St.George's Church Calcutta,Bengal India.
My greatgrandfather had become an Accountant in the Public works Department in India and went to Burma ion 1861.
In burma he became an Engineer and went back to India to work at the Jhansi-Manukpur State Railway.Examiner Office PWD Allahabad in 1885.
In 1886 he work at PWD Katni EI Railway. India.
He now become a Executive of the Public Works Department,Military Works in Simla India from 1887-1888.
He retired and went to live in Burma.
In 1873 he married Rose Hnin Si who was 18 years old. They married at the American Baptist Mission Church in Thonze Burma.
They had 3 childerns. Who are Annie, Edwin David ,& Lilly Saviel all were born in Burma.
Edwin David Saviel
He was born on 10th of March 1876 at Toungoo Burma.He went to boading school in India from 1884-1897 he went to work in Burma in the Burma Railway.
In 1900 he was baptisted at Pegu Baptist Church in Burma.
He married Daw Hmyin at the American Baptist Mission Church in Thonze Burma in 1903 . They had 8 Childerns all born in Burma.
The youngest child of my greatgrandfather is Lilly Saviel she was born in 1878 in Burma.
The oldest child of my greatgrandfather is Annie Saviel she was born in1874 in Burma.
My Greatgrandfather by George Thomas Saviel

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  1. This the 10th day of November 1953, Tuesday,
    We MG.Than (a) W.SAVIEL,aged 32, son of U BA KYI (a) E.D.SAVIEL and DAW HMYIN residing at No. 293 Barr Street,Rangoon and MA KYIN HTWE,aged 18 ,daughter of U WIN and DAW NGWE SEIN, residing at No. 152-34 Street,Rangoon, with the consent of the parents of both parties according to the custom of Buddhists and by mutual consent marry.

    In witness wher of we sign in presence of the undermentioned elders.


    1.(sd.)MYA MAUNG (sd.)MG.THAN.
    2.(sd.)MG.OHN. (The bridegroom.)

    (sd.)MA KYIN HTWE.
    (The Bride.)

    The Bridegroom,MG.THAN (a) W.SAVIEL and the Bride,MA KYIN HTWE ,declare that they marry according to the custom of Buddhists and sign in my presence.

    (sd.) OHN PE ?
    District Magistrate.

    Seal of the Court of the
    District Magistrate,

    This is the marriage of my father William Saviel son of Edwin David Saviel.

    George T Saviel
    22 June 2009