Sunday, June 21, 2009

Burma History

Burma History
Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma.
The capital and Chief Port of Burma is Rangoon. Burma is Overhalf forested land.
And its rivers are called Irrawaddy and Chindivin.
Its main export is Rice,Rubber,Jute Teak and varied Minerals like Rubbies,Sapphires Jade.
Its Religion is Himayana Buddhism and its centre is Pagan.
Burma came gradually under British Rule following the three Burmese Wars.
(1824-6,1852,1885-6). When it was united as a province of India.
Untill made a separate country with its own consititution in 1938.
It was invaded and occupied by Japan in 1941-45.
In 1948 it achieved inderpendence outside the commonwealth.
Since then various ethnic groups including the Karens conducts a guerrilla struggle for autonomy from the Burmese Government.

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