Thursday, June 18, 2009

India History

Subcontinent comprising of Bangladesh,India (including Sikkim),Pakistan,Bhutan & Nepal.

Ad c300-500,Golden age of Hinduism under the Gupta dynasty including its founder Chandra Guptan I c320-c330 & his grandson Chandra Guptan II c380-c415.

In the 5 century White Huns plunged India to anarchy.

1206 First Muslin dyansty established at Delhi though the South maintained its independence.
1527 Mogul Empire founded by Baber and consolidated by his grandson Akbar.

The 16th century Coastal Bases began to be established by the Portuguese,dutch,French and the English traders.

1756-63 , British East India Company eliminated thier surviving rivals. The French . And rapidly established Rule (direct or indirect through the native princes) over all India.
In 1857-8 Rule of the company was replaced by the British Crown and there was an Indian Mutiny.
1885 national Congress was founded. 1906 National agritation under Gandhi after world war 1 began also under Nehru.

In 1947 Self-government was achieved in the Partition of Pakistan.
Republic of India (Hindi name Bharat) its Capital Nwe Delhi. features comprises 23 States and Eight Union Territories.
Its Rivers are Ganges,Indus,Brahnaputra,Deccan & Hinnalayas.
Religion Hinduism 80% Sunni Islam 10% Christuanity2.5% Sikhisim 2%.
Its Language Hindi Indira &Rajiv (official) English.

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