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India Record Office,British libaray London England,UK.

Thacker's Indian Directory.

Calcutta Catholic Journal 1834.
Parbury Oriental Herald and Colonial Intelligencer 1834.
List of Civil engineers and Uncovernants Servants East Indian and European employed in the Public Works,Military and Postal Departments as stood on 1 April 1886.

List of Bengal Uncovernanted Civil servants

Pegu Burman Baptist Church Pegu,Burma.
American Baptist Mission Church,Thonze,Burma and Sagaing Burma.
Dovston College(Duffon College)
Lucknow India 1885-1897
La Martineres Boys high School,
Calcutta,India 1885-1895.

Yegyaw Cemetery Burma.
List of Medical warrant Officer of His Majesty Indian Forces
Madras Quarterly journal of Medical Science.

George T Saviel
23 June 2009

Benjamin Peter Saviel and Mary Wilkinson

ndBenjamin Peter Saviel = Mary Wilkinson
b.abt. 1812 India b.abt. 1816 Bolarannor ,India.
1st DresserHMNI.

Marr. by Banns 17 April 1832 at Secunderabad India,
witnesses Samuel Chapman,Arthur o'Leary.

Adpt. dau. Anna Joseph, b. abt.1831 bapt. 13 Feb.1835 Muktul India
witness, John Edward Saviel ,Mary Ann Saviel, Mary Saviel.

George T Saviel
24 June 2009

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Burma History

Burma History
Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma.
The capital and Chief Port of Burma is Rangoon. Burma is Overhalf forested land.
And its rivers are called Irrawaddy and Chindivin.
Its main export is Rice,Rubber,Jute Teak and varied Minerals like Rubbies,Sapphires Jade.
Its Religion is Himayana Buddhism and its centre is Pagan.
Burma came gradually under British Rule following the three Burmese Wars.
(1824-6,1852,1885-6). When it was united as a province of India.
Untill made a separate country with its own consititution in 1938.
It was invaded and occupied by Japan in 1941-45.
In 1948 it achieved inderpendence outside the commonwealth.
Since then various ethnic groups including the Karens conducts a guerrilla struggle for autonomy from the Burmese Government.

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बर्मा History

सोसिअलिस्ट रेपुब्लीक ऑफ़ थे यूनियन ऑफ़ बर्मा।
थे कैपिटल एंड चीफ पोर्ट इस रंगून, ओवर हाफ ऑफ़ बर्मा इस फोरेस्तेद एंड आईटी हस्त्वो रिवेर्स।
थे इर्रावाद्द्य एंड चिन्दिविन रिवर।
इट्स मैं एक्सपोर्ट अरे राइस,रबड़ जुटे टाक,वरिएद मिनरल्स लिखे जड़े रुबिएस सप्फिरेस।
इट्स रेलिगिओं इस हिमायाना बुद्धिसिम। थे रेलिगिओं सेंटर इस पगन।
बर्मा कामे ग्रादुअल्ली अंडर ब्रिटिश रुले फोल्लोविंग थे ३ बुर्मेसे वार्स (१८२४-६,१८५२,१८८५-६) व्हेन आईटी वास उनितेद अस अ प्रोविंस ऑफ़ इंडिया। उन्तिल मदे अ सेपराते काउंटी विथ इट्स ओवन कांसितुशन इन १९३७।
आईटी वास इन्वादेद बी जापान एंड ओक्कुपिएद थेम इन १९४१-४५।
इट्स अचिएवेद इन्देर्पेंदेंस ओउत्सिदे थे कॉमनवेल्थ इन १९४८सिंस थें वरिओउस एथनिक ग्रौप्स इन्क्लुडिंग थे करेंस कांदुक्ट अ गेर्रिल्लेया स्ट्रगल फॉर औतोनोमी फ्रॉम थे बुर्मेसे गवर्नमेंट।

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India History

Subcontinent comprising of Bangladesh,India (including Sikkim),Pakistan,Bhutan & Nepal.

Ad c300-500,Golden age of Hinduism under the Gupta dynasty including its founder Chandra Guptan I c320-c330 & his grandson Chandra Guptan II c380-c415.

In the 5 century White Huns plunged India to anarchy.

1206 First Muslin dyansty established at Delhi though the South maintained its independence.
1527 Mogul Empire founded by Baber and consolidated by his grandson Akbar.

The 16th century Coastal Bases began to be established by the Portuguese,dutch,French and the English traders.

1756-63 , British East India Company eliminated thier surviving rivals. The French . And rapidly established Rule (direct or indirect through the native princes) over all India.
In 1857-8 Rule of the company was replaced by the British Crown and there was an Indian Mutiny.
1885 national Congress was founded. 1906 National agritation under Gandhi after world war 1 began also under Nehru.

In 1947 Self-government was achieved in the Partition of Pakistan.
Republic of India (Hindi name Bharat) its Capital Nwe Delhi. features comprises 23 States and Eight Union Territories.
Its Rivers are Ganges,Indus,Brahnaputra,Deccan & Hinnalayas.
Religion Hinduism 80% Sunni Islam 10% Christuanity2.5% Sikhisim 2%.
Its Language Hindi Indira &Rajiv (official) English.

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Saviel Family History

John Anderson (30) so John Anderson marr. by Banns to Annie Petrie Savile (39) do. David Savile, witness James Ogilvie,Andrew morgan,J.Wrighen Youle,
Perfom by J.C. Hardman Snr Minister St Andrew's.On the 18 March 1851.

Burial at St Thomas Howrah India,

Leonora Saviel (18) Died 28 Dec. 1851, bur, by A. Garstin Chaplain.

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Saviel Family History

Manuel (Manoel) Saviel = Elizabeth Decruz
Marr. 8 Nov. 1770 Mission Church Calcutta, India.
Thomas Saviel = Charlotte Gomes (Gomis)
Marr. 23 Sept 1811 Calcutta India.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Great Grand Father by George Thomas Saviel

George Thomas Saviel
Was born in British India in 1827 his date & place of birth is unknown to us.
At the age of 14 he stared work as a clerk for Lord William Bentinct steamer company in India in 1841 .
He work for 7 years and went to work for Nubbada steamer company as a clerk in 1847.
He married Sophia Mary Morley she was 15 years old at Calcutta,India in 1853.
Her father was William Morley a superintenant of a suger plantation in India.
At this time my greatgrandfather was working as a writer in Calcutta.He had a son name George who was born in 1853 India.He later went to England and return to married Louise Hay widower age 32 in 1904 at St.George's Church Calcutta,Bengal India.
My greatgrandfather had become an Accountant in the Public works Department in India and went to Burma ion 1861.
In burma he became an Engineer and went back to India to work at the Jhansi-Manukpur State Railway.Examiner Office PWD Allahabad in 1885.
In 1886 he work at PWD Katni EI Railway. India.
He now become a Executive of the Public Works Department,Military Works in Simla India from 1887-1888.
He retired and went to live in Burma.
In 1873 he married Rose Hnin Si who was 18 years old. They married at the American Baptist Mission Church in Thonze Burma.
They had 3 childerns. Who are Annie, Edwin David ,& Lilly Saviel all were born in Burma.
Edwin David Saviel
He was born on 10th of March 1876 at Toungoo Burma.He went to boading school in India from 1884-1897 he went to work in Burma in the Burma Railway.
In 1900 he was baptisted at Pegu Baptist Church in Burma.
He married Daw Hmyin at the American Baptist Mission Church in Thonze Burma in 1903 . They had 8 Childerns all born in Burma.
The youngest child of my greatgrandfather is Lilly Saviel she was born in 1878 in Burma.
The oldest child of my greatgrandfather is Annie Saviel she was born in1874 in Burma.
My Greatgrandfather by George Thomas Saviel

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Saviel Family History

Saviel Family History
It would appear that the Saviel Family had been in India for many years and that they Originated from Europe.
The early entries look as though they decended from Manuel (Manoel) Saviel and Elizabeth Decruz who were married in Calcutta Mission Church Calcutta India on 8 Nov. 1770. They are clearly of Portuguess Origin and Catholics.
Which explains why we are only finding them spasmodically in the India Office Records which are primarily Church of England with few voluntary Catholic returns.

I am researching my greatgrandfather George Thomas Saviel who was born in India in 1827 and married first Sophia Mary Morley in Calcutta on 10 Jan. 1853 India.

He later married Rose Hnin Si in 1873 in Burma.

I would like to know if anyone know of his family in India and Burma .
Send me a message at my email address.


George T Saviel

15 June 2009